Eligible working families whose children will be aged between 9 and 23 months old on 31 August can now apply to receive 15 hours childcare starting from September 2024.

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Early Years

Apply for a workforce bursary

Apply for a workforce bursary

Early Years and Childcare Bursary Offer

Designed to support the workforce to develop a high quality and sustainable childcare provision!

Last day to submit a signed application Friday 16th August 2024

The Early Years Service are pleased to continue to offer a training and development funding pathway for Ofsted registered Early Years and Childcare settings within Buckinghamshire.

Early Years and Childcare Settings, Schools with new or existing staff members, Childminders and individuals enrolled to a Full and Relevant qualification course with a secure placement are invited to participate in this offer via their employer or placement setting.


Early Years and Childcare Qualification Bursary

As a result of listening closely to the sector and analysing the available sufficiency and ward area data, this year we plan to provide a 100% bursary for eligible settings supporting staff to complete full and relevant qualifications. All other successful applications will be eligible to receive anywhere up to 80% subject to a full review.

Funding is very limited therefore individual bursary requests will be closely reviewed and capped to ensure all available funds are distributed in the most fair and equitable manner.


Diploma Bursary

Buckinghamshire registered settings can apply for up to two staff members to complete Level 3 and Level 2 diplomas that meet the new Early Years Educator Standards in place from September 2024.


Degree Bursary

In this year's initiative, we are promoting career development opportunities for new and existing staff to develop management skills and gain higher level qualifications. Therefore, registered settings can also apply for a degree bursary for a staff member who is currently pursuing a Level 4 or higher qualification, such as a BA honours.

Qualifications funded by individual training companies and free Level 3 qualifications available for eligible adults will not be supported by this funding pathway. Click here for more information and to find a free Level 3 qualification This also includes the DfE funded Early Years Leadership qualifications.


Choosing a training company

We have worked with various training companies to support the workforce to access appropriate training courses, a few of which are listed on this page. However, before enrolling to a course it is strongly advised to check that the course meets the regulations as set out in the EYFS along with any personal aspirations to progress with onward career and education plans.


To request an application form, send an email to eycpd@buckinghamshire.gov.uk from an Ofsted registered email address and return before Friday 16th August 2024.

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