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Early Years

Patterns from Recent Ofsted Inspections in Buckinghamshire

Patterns from Recent Ofsted Inspections in Buckinghamshire

Spring Inspections: January - March 2023


Early years inspection handbook - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) 


Last term there were a total of 44 inspections at Early Years provision in Primary Schools, PVI, Day Nurseries, Childminders and Out of School Club settings in Buckinghamshire. The outcomes of these were:

Early Years provision in Primary schools inspected: 6 (83.3% Good or above)

Pre-schools and nurseries inspected: 15 (86.67% Good or above)

Childminders inspected: 13 (84.62% Good, Met or above)

Out of School Clubs inspected: 10 (100% Good, Met or above)

Below is an overview of the report findings and corresponding links to information on the Early Years Service website to support with further development in EYFS practice:

By far the most common recommendation was around support to staff in various different aspects -

Support to staff

  • To help them gain in confidence to utilise an effective curriculum.
  • Support staff to use rich interactions and be able to organise large group activities effectively
  • Staff to enhance interactions with clear words and a rich and varied vocabulary.
  • Support staff to focus of curriculum to ensure it is clear what you want children to learn.
  • Support staff to work with children with SEND
  • Support to staff through effective supervisions and appraisals.
  • Support staff to strengthen their understanding of Intent.

Risk Assessments

  • Ensure risk assessments are adequate and that supervision is given to children whilst sleeping and eating.
  • Ensure staff know how to respond to accidents when they happen.
  • Ensure correct ratios are adhered to at all times.

Curriculum is once again a focus

  • Refine curriculum so that it is clear what children need to know and remember and the focus is sharpened.
  • Ensure curriculum is fully embedded and monitored.
  • Ensure that the curriculum is clearly communicated.

Quotes from Ofsted reports:

  • Schools - A highly positive and supportive ethos permeates the school. Leaders have very high expectations for pupils’ conduct and behaviour. Consequently, pupils’ behaviour is excellent. There are strong and respectful relationships between the pupils and staff. Pupils are incredibly polite and well mannered.
  • PVI - Managers regularly consult with the staff team about how to adapt the setting and listens to their thoughts and opinions. Staff mention that they feel very valued, and that the nursery is a 'wonderful place to work'. Staff are encouraged to make use of the range of training available to them.
  • Childminders - They follow a superbly constructed curriculum that ignites their enquiring young minds. Throughout the day, children are deeply absorbed by their learning. They sustain high levels of concentration and can lead their play using their own thoughts and ideas. The sequence of activities systematically builds on children's skills and prior learning.
  • Out of school clubs - Staff encourage a healthy lifestyle. They provide healthy snacks of fruit, and nutritiously balanced meals are brought in for the children. The manager strives to provide inclusive care for the children from the local school. She works closely with staff, parents and the children's teachers to create a safe and exciting environment for the children. She supports the staff through supervision meetings to enhance their skills with training opportunities.


Autumn Term 2023

Patterns from recent Ofsted Inspections - Autumn Term 2023

Summer Term 2023

Patterns from recent Ofsted Inspections - Summer Term 2023

Spring Term 2023

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